Lumio Lamp Looks and Works Like a Book

Consider it as one of the most mesmerizing Kickstarter projects we have encountered. In plain sight, Lumio looks like a book with a wooden cover. Open it up, however, and it is actually a foldable lamp. The creator, California-based architect and esigner Max Gunawan, developed the Lumio after he could not get enough funding from […]

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T-Mobile to Sell BlackBerry Z10 Starting March 11th

Want the BlackBerry Z10 so bad, but you do not want to shell out $ 999? T-Mobile has officially announced it is selling the much-awaited BB10-powered smartphone to business customers starting Monday, March 11th, for $ 250. No word yet on when the consumer-oriented version of the handset would become available. Your purchased BlackBerry Z10 […]

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Thermodo Thermometer for Your iPhone

It is a case of valuing negative criticisms. Danish startup Robocat has developed several apps for iOS, including a free thermometer app called Thermo that tells how hot or cold it is outside your home. While it enjoyed relative success with over two million downloads and hundreds of thousands of daily active users, the app […]

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Spotlight LED Slanted Tweezers

It is not always the big gadgets out there that gets the attention most of the time. There are those small devices that, given a tech upgrade to boost its function, can become quite interesting in itself. The Spotlight LED Slanted Tweezers is just one of them. The Spotlight LED Slanted Tweezers by Revlon may […]

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The Hands Free Toilet Seat

Finally, devices used for personal hygiene are getting their share of tech upgrades. Such devices, especially those that are found in the toilet, usually are left behind in terms of tech upgrades. Devices such as the Hands Free Toilet Seat show that this may not be the case. The Hands Free Toilet Seat makes it […]

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