BlackBerrys BBM App Gets 10 Million Downloads In A Day

BBMBeleaguered BlackBerrysmartphone maker Research In Motion may have found a way to stay afloat. The company has struggled in recent years due to tight competition from iOS and Android smartphones. Its latest BlackBerry Z10 smartphone had a lukewarm reception from consumers. Although the exact sales figures are not yet known, since the company has not shared them yet to the public, experts peg it at around 5 million so far.

While it is looking bleak for BlackBerry in terms of sales, a particular area may be showing signs of eager demand. The company has recently launched its BlackBerry Messenger on the Apple App Store and Google Play for iPhone and Android smartphones. It is quite a departure for BlackBerry, a company that was once on the top of the heap among the big players. The decline in demand for its handsets have led the company to offer its other popular technology into other smartphones. It became necessary for the company to try offering its popular BBM client as an app for other competing smartphones.

The move is showing promise for the company as the BBM app for iPhones and Android devices have reached 10 million downloads in a span of 24 hours. The company at least sees that people may still have interest in their other technology offerings other than its handset business. It shows that there are still people who love using the BlackBerry Messenger. It is a move that many experts see as a late one. Who knows what it would have done for the company had it opened up and made BBM available on other smartphones. As a result, other players may already have gained a better foothold in the same market. There are now other established messenger apps available in the market that BBM have to compete with. But based on the recent download spurt for the app, BlackBerry may be into something that will help change its fortunes. The company’s next moves will especially be very critical since it will determine whether they can get back from the ashes or slowly dissolve away into obscurity.
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